The Windmills Plantation on Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

A beach front remote island getaway

"The Ultimate Island Outpost!!"
Travel and Leisure Magazine 

"The Windmills Plantation merges quaint accommodations and five-star cuisine with the charm of a remote island getaway." Palm Beach Illustrated 

"Longtime residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Jim and Sharon are best known for their tenure at the Meridian Club, consistently rated as the best, or one of the ten best hideaways in the Caribbean" by Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

"Salt Cay is another island famous for its diving and donkeys. Divers come here for the sheer coral walls, historic wrecks and a chance to see whales. Donkeys come over when they can no longer stand the frantic pace of Grand Turk.

photo by Bob Friel,Salt Cay was settled by hardy Bermudian salt rakers and their slaves, who had no choice but to be hardy. Most of its handfull of small guest houses were originally the homes of salt barons or ship captains, built using ship parts and ballast stones. My hotel, Windmills Plantation, is a colorful, wonderfully eclectic movie set of a luxury beachfront resort that looks like it grew as generation after generation added new buildings to old. And that's exactly how it was designed to look when in was built in 1990.

Jim and Sharon Shafer, the managers at Windmills who've been running resorts in the T&C since 1976 with only a two-year sabbatical to open a hotel in Tahiti, are the ideal island hosts. They understand why someone would come to a place like Salt Cay, where the excitement of the week is sighting a red heron wading beside a windmill in one of the old salinas. The Shafers believe in - even insist on - the importance of total R & R as reward for hard work. And they lead by example: taking me for lazy walks along the serenely deserted sands of Northshore Beach to collect seashells and seaglass, on afternoon snorkels around the thriving reefs just a few yards offshore, and on a mellow moveable fest of happy hours, sundowners, after-dinners and nightcaps. Whatever stress I came with has fled my body and taken the first flight back home - it's just not welcome on Salt Cay." by Bob Friel, Caribbean Travel Mag.

Make reservations at the Windmills Plantation today to visit the island of your dreams.  Managers Jim and Sharon Shafer have a wonderful reputation as gracious hosts and will go out of their way to make your stay both memorable and pleasurable.

Contact Jim and Sharon Shafer via phone, fax or any time to make reservations, or for a brochure. 

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